Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thorough Thursday

Welcome to Thorough Thursday! Each Thursday I will post something that has to do with organizing...maybe it's the teacher in me that needs the title of today's blog post to sound cute, but I figure being thorough has a lot to do with organizing - so there you have it! Like I said, Thursdays will focus on organizing...or my attempt to keep an organized house with a baby on the move!

Since yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary and we are feverishly doing loads of laundry and packing for our vacation, I will share my attempt to organize our linen/towel closet (from a few months ago) and some other random bins. I will attach a free printable that you can use at your own home if you so feel the desire to smack a label on a bin as I often feel the urge to do :)

 I realized shortly after I did this quick closet overhaul, that my closet was a disaster before hand. I wish I had pictures to show the before because it was a MESS with no rhyme nor reason for any of it. I'm happy with my simple (yet practical) linen closet and bag bin organization.

The labels shown above are free to download here!

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