Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Business Cards

WhooHOooo! I have my first customer! I'm painting and doing some hand lettering for a gift she is giving at a baby shower..I'm so excited! I'm in the beginning process of painting and doodling so ill post pictures later on when I'm finished. 

I have no idea if my first customer will be my I thought to myself that I better come up with something that I can attach to the back of whatever I make so that maybe by word of mouth others might want to contact me :) I'm by no means a graphic designer and I applaud all of you who are and know how to work those fancy schmancy programs...I'm good with my little mircrosoft word publisher and totally ok with that! We will leave the beautiful design work to those who know what they are doing! 

Below are my so-called business cards on this cardboard looking paper that for some reason I'm obsessed with ;)

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  1. Love the Business Cards! Hand me a stack and I'll spread the word!


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