Thursday, July 3, 2014

EHIP Thursday

Call me crazy but I'm changing my Thursday catch phrase to EHIP Thursday...EHIP stands for "Everything Has Its Place." My amazing friend always used this term and I just love it because I'm constantly trying to figure out the right place to put things...I think I could say for everyone that we are constantly EHIPing! Organization never ends! 

A few months ago my husband and I put the finishing touches on our little guys room. We needed a place for all of his after doing some research (pinteresting) we decided to do some rain gutter shelves. We took one rod of vinyl rain gutter cut it in thirds and bought 3 pairs of end caps. The total price with some screws was under $25! I love it! Screw into some studs, make them nice and sturdy and wala - you can do it too! Super easy and super practical! I decided to leave them higher than my little guy could reach just because I didn't want him to hang on them...eventually I think I'll make a little reading nook for him underneath or something. 

Book storage problem solved and they now have a place! Everything needs a place am I right?? EHIP baby! 

Here's a look at his nursery before the book shelves:

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  1. EHIP Baby!! I agree Everything needs a place...even if it's in the trash:-)!!The book shelves look awesome....simple. functional, creative, and economical! Great idea to build it higher so it's out of Owens reach:-) Thanks for sharing! Keep em coming!!!


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