Monday, August 4, 2014

A Nautical Birthday - Owen is ONE!

Happy Monday! I FINALLY have some time to sit down and blog this morning as my little guy sleeps in...loving it! Today I wanted to share about my baby's first birthday party and the decor that went with it. I was totally pinterest inspired by some of my decor and even threw in some of my own thoughts and creations too! It was a wonderful celebration with wonderful friends...and my husband's sister even flew out from Chicago for a couple of days -so that in itself was just wonderful.

Because we are on a tight budget I tried to stay frugal with my purchases. I reused a lot of things that I already had and just changed them up a bit. The only things I bought were the steering wheel for my front door and pictures from @postalpix (straight from my phone) - the other stuff was either borrowed from friends or made ourselves with what we had at home. I think I kept decor to under $75 and that is with plates, napkins, table clothes, etc. I could have gone way crazier...but I'm proud of myself!

Anchor's Away! {Front Door}
 // DIY twine & printed paper banner // nautical steering wheel from hobby lobby //

// DIY chalkboard // balloons from grocery store $1 ea // docking logs from friend //

 Anchor's Away! {Entry Way}
 // DIY twine bunting banner (paper from hobby lobby) // fish nets from friend // pictures //

Anchor's Away! {Family Room - Food Buffet}

// DIY nautical paper signs //
We had: BOAT burgers,  HIT THE DECK hotdogs, BUOY buns, COASTAL condiments, SAILOR spinach salad, PIRATE potato salad, CHART HOUSE chips, SHARK TEETH cheese, ritz SAN-DOLLARS, LIVE BAIT sweedish fish, CATCH OF THE DAY goldfish, NAUTICAL ROPE red licorice, BLUE LAGOON punch, and a watermelon shaped like a ship! (must be the teacher in me that loves stuff like gives me an excuse to make cute labels :)

Anchor's Away! {Cake and Cupcakes}

 // DIY Cake Topper (paper from hobby lobby) // DIY Cupcake Stand // Funfetti Cupcakes //

My husband made me an awesome cupcake stand a couple of nights before the party! 
I will share the tutorial later!

Anchor's Away! {Backyard}
// DIY twine bunting banner (paper hobby lobby) //

// table decor: fish nets and shells from friend // number ONE out of pictures //

// DIY thirst aid station chalkboard // Blue Hawaiian Punch Lemonade //

 It was a balmy 104 degrees the day of the we stayed in doors unless you were swimming!!

Here's to the Birthday Boy! {DIY Sail Boat}

 // DIY Sail Boat //
Materials: Large Cardboard Box, butcher paper, red paper plates (or circles), extra blue table cloth, dowel rod, paper and twine for banner, half poster board, duct tape, & highchair!
Everything this is made out of I found things around my house to use - the only thing bought was the dowel rod for the sail. He LOVED it!
I added a yarn pom-pom on top of his hat to make a little extra special - nothing too crazy!
 Happy Birthday Owen!


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