Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boring No MORE!

Being a mom of a little boy who's teething makes it a little difficult to blog as much as I want to! I have a list of things I've been wanting to let's get started!

We ended up leaving our family room/eating area open because of O's party - my husband loves it open and it didn't bother me too much except for the BIG BORING WALL behind the couch that was relocated there. There's something about being home all day that little things like this blank wall start to drive you crazy! I've had some things I have been wanting to hang and some DIY projects to do - so this ended up being the perfect wall for them.

I had found 4 empty frames at hobby lobby a couple of weeks ago for like $4 because they were scratched, etc and I thought they would make perfect distressed frames for my chicken wire. For some reason my pictures of the distressed frames aren't uploading - but it was super easy...a lot easier than I thought it would be! Since they were already black/brown, I sanded them down to help the paint stick, then took a candle and rubbed wax all over it, then painted about 3 coats of white paint. When dry enough I took some sand paper and just lightly sanded the areas I wanted to be distressed. If it had the candle wax on the area I sanded then the paint came up super easy. My husband stapled the chicken wire on and I glued felt on the back so that the sharp chicken wire wouldn't scratch the walls.

After I got my placement I traced the frames onto wrapping paper and hung it above the couch so I could get the height and placing right on the wall. I've seen this done a bunch of times and I decided to try it and I'm really happy with the way it made things easier to collage before actually nailing. 

I found the wood frame broken without glass at home goods on clearance. I decided I really didn't need the glass and it would be perfect for one of my canvases to pop in. I painted both canvases on the end and found the wooden sign from hobby lobby for $6. The other frames I had lying around the house waiting for a home :)

I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out! I wanted what I wrote on this wall to be meaningful and since I'm constantly in need of God's saving grace on a daily basis.. these quotes are good reminders for me to look at everyday. It's so easy to get caught up in the things of this world and much too easy to forget that none of that really matters.

I found some cute little clips and hung a few more pictures...mostly of little O..but how could I not, he's just so darn cute! 

 Thanks for reading! Happy Thursday!

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