Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Baby Shower

My mom and I had the honor of hosting a very special baby shower for one of my dearest friends who I have known since kindergarten. I'm so excited for her and her husband as they are expecting their first little baby - a girl - Stella! We decided on a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star themed - based on the fact that Stella's name means "star" and we thought it just couldn't be more perfect. Since I have a love for decorating and party throwing...and since my mom taught me well...we made a pretty good team! The shower was one of those things that we put a lot of heart into because we just love Laura so much and are so excited for her new little family. I decided on the color scheme of gold and pinks...with lots of glitter and girly lace and some burlap - I tried to get the vintage look - but added in some tulle just because it's cute and girly and I couldn't help myself! 

The Front Entrance!

I painted gold dots and the letters on a burlap banner found at Michael's. The wreaths were homemade with about 12 tulle pom poms tied on. I can't have a party without my chalkboards...I love how the sign turned out!

Come on in and let's see the rest! 

The Living and Dining Area - Present Opening Area!

I decorated the area with another chalkboard and some glittery star wands I made out of wooden skewers that I painted gold and added hand cut stars....and of course some little girl shoes to add the perfect touch! (Little girl shoes are the CUTEST) Also for more decoration I re-used some gold circle garland I had made for my brother's grad party and since they were gold it worked perfect and added a little dimension!

The Back Yard - Drink Station

I made my first ever ripped fabric garland for the backdrop of the drink station...I used an old white sheet that I had for filler and added a bunch of burlap, tulle, and lace...turned out really pretty and Laura might even use it for decoration in Stella's room...even better!

My husband cut me some little chalkboard boards out of leftovers that we had...I added some twine and they worked perfect for the pink lemonade and iced tea.

On the other end of the drink station we set up a little tree that guests could clip wishes or advice for Laura before and after baby Stella turned out pretty cute once more and more were clipped on! (notice the baby shoes...too cute!)

Eating Area...for 60 People!

We ended up having 2 small tables, one medium table, and one really long table to accommodate for such a large was so much fun having so many people! I loved the long table. We used rented tables and table clothes and napkins, as well as, rented mason jar glasses. I added a burlap runner to the tables, pink straws in the glasses, hand made doilies that were my great grandmothers (she had SO MANY), and adorable diaper cakes on cake stands to give it a little height. Oh and I can't forget the little girl shoes as cake toppers...finished them off perfectly!

For the flowers my mom had huge hydrangea bushes in her yard that were flowering like crazy and she cut them off and they looked so beautiful and went with our theme so wonderfully. We used all sorts of glass vases to add more to the vintage look. It was really simple yet beautiful.

We made 6 diaper cakes - got some ideas off of pinterest but made them my own. 
I love how they turned out!

I made some activities for the shower...nothing crazy but definitely added a little somethin extra! At each place setting we set a pen and the pink card that each guest filled out for Laura to take home. In between the lunch and the dessert we played the game "What Baby Item" - in which the guests had 3 minutes to try and name a baby item that the mom-to-be had written on her list from A-Z.
We had a 4 way tie!

Oh!!! Did I mention that my mom was in charge of the lovely food that was served. I can't believe I didn't snap a picture of it - it looked so lovely. She plated and we hand served all the guests a beautiful plate of a mexican take on a chicken salad and 3 different size cutouts of star shaped watermelon. It was really awesome and my mom is so talented at stuff like that! We definitely had a lot of fun together making this happen. :)

Here's a look at the beautiful momma to be and me! Love you! 

 My momma and I ...what a team!

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  1. OH MY. You get a 10 finger whoo!! The attention to detail does not go unnoticed!! What a great team!!!


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