Monday, November 3, 2014


Happy Monday! So last week I decided to make a Dodd It Up business page on Facebook and I just am so flattered by the responses. I have taken 5 orders already and shipped my first one officially as of today!

Maybe it is because I have a hard time believing that people would actually like and buy (still can't believe) my creations and for that I am truly grateful. As a stay at home mom -budget is tight and with these little orders I can help (as small as it may be) our family out a little, plus do something I love. I get to stay home with my sweet boy and be creative...I am very blessed.


Here's a look at some of the projects I'm working on...I know I've posted them online but I might as well blog about them too! They are made-to-look-like chalkboard canvas prints - which means they are permanent - you can't erase like a chalkboard, but I love the look. Tonight we are finally going to go to home depot so my wonderful husband can finish helping me make some wood frames for the flat canvas! I'm so excited about this project - I think it will really finish the look!

I will always take personal orders and I've changed the prices to be more up - to date on the blog. You can see the prices here.

Have a wonderful week!
PS Here are some scetches of some projects that I'm working on now...have you heard of the song called "My Lighthouse" by Rend should click the link - it's pretty awesome!

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  1. OH MY. I love the Canvas art. I want to order all three. Do I place my order here?


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