Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Way Over DUE!

Well Hello and Happy Tuesday. Do you even know how many times I have thought about blogging...since umm...my last post on Nov. 3rd? All the time. For some reason putting the pen to the paper just wasn't happening for me and I had tons of things to get done. The Christmas season was a huge success for my little "Dodd It Up" business. I am so grateful and feel exhausted! Did I mention that just as I am way over DUE in blogging, another little dodd will be DUE this July :) My heart is overflowing. Ive been pretty sick since I found out...just like with Owen and I'm hoping I won't be as sick as I was with him until 33 weeks...that was just not. cool. It's worth it though...I guess I would take a million sick days and end up with a healthy baby in the end :) The nausea has made it definitely hard to get back into a groove and start using my creativity again...but I think a few more orders are in the works so I will have to get the ball rolling. It's good for me. I need a kick in the butt sometimes!

Here's a look at what has happened over the past couple months on my blogging hiatus...pictures are worth more words than I can muster at the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

 We had a lovely, relaxing thanksgiving with family. So many things to give thanks for. 

Merry Christmas!

We began decorating for Christmas...sorry for the bad photos...I just love this time of the year!

Did some baking for my auntie and believe me these are the easiest snickerdoodle bars - and 
p.s. I think that was supposed to be a "were" instead of "was" - oops!

Dodd It Up had some very important orders to get done and boy was it fun!

 I got around to trying some pinterest crafts on my own time too! 

And finally got up the chicken wire frames that I have been wanting to do in the dining room...now all we have to do is paint the walls...wishful thinking on my part!

The Christmas and New Years season was filled with so much joy and love. We loved seeing family and got the chance to unplug a bit and really focus on the meaning of the season. The reason we are all here. After becoming a mom Christmas just has a painted a new perspective for me. God was so willing to send his only Son to be born so he would eventually die...for. us. Sometimes the most simple statement of faith has so much more depth. 
 Merry Christmas Morning! Happy Birthday Jesus!

We also had to say goodbye..well more like "see ya on face-time!" to our lovely and dear friends who recently moved to Texas. There last day in town was Christmas eve - and I would lie if I wasn't tearing up that last Christmas Eve service that Seth lead worship. Just such wonderful people and so close to our hearts. We miss them so much already but are so excited to see how God will use them in there new place!

Until Next Time! Have a wonderful Week!

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